Let’s face it

If you haven’t had hypnotherapy before but you are considering it, you’re probably wondering is this really going to work for me? Well you have found your way here so I’m assuming you think it’s worth a try.

You’re next thought might have been, am I going to be out of control & made to hop around like a chicken? Again, as you are here I’m hoping you have realised this won’t happen.

Maybe your next thought, if you are anything like me, was will I be able to keep from giggling when someone dressed as a like a stage magician talks to me in a funny “soothing” hypnotic voice.


Well I am pleased to report that yes it does work, no I absolutely won’t make you hop around like a chicken and I can reliably inform you that my voice is quite normal – I like to think my dress sense doesn’t reflect a stage magician.

You are actually much MORE in control in hypnosis. You CANNOT be made to do anything you don’t want to do. It feels like the most gorgeous relaxing state, similar to that lovely feeling just as you are drifting off to sleep.

Hypnotherapy is very different to stage hypnosis which is purely for entertainment. Hypnotherapy is what is says, therapy.


Parks Inner Child Therapy PICT:

Don’t want to spend months of your life, maybe even years, stuck in therapy, feeling like you have to talk over and over again about all the hard stuff to make progress – No? Good.  You don’t have to.


PICT has been designed so you don’t have to talk about your upsetting experiences.


PICT is a powerful and flexible model of therapy created by Penny Parks.  To find out more about Penny and the origins of PICT, you can watch the video on the right.


Please contact me for further details about PICT & how it can help you.

Benefits of PICT:

  • Fast & lasting positive change

  • You can work without talking about upsetting experiences

  • Works with a variety of different problems including childhood abuse

  • Kind & caring straightforward approach

  • Clients report feeling uplifted after sessions & that they are an enjoyable experience


Hypnotherapy sessions         

£60 per hour

PICT sessions are generally between 1.5 - 2 hours as the tools take longer to complete

1.5 hours - £90

2 hours - £120

PICT can also be completed in a “Quick Change” format of 5 days at 4 hours per day.   (This can be completed in a variety of formats to suit).

Please flick over to the 5 Day Quick Change Programme tab or contact me for further details about PICT Quick Change.


*Please note that it is possible to conduct some PICT sessions via Skype - please contact me to discuss and undertake an assessment