Criminal law

My career started in criminal law between 1998 and 2008 in both Oxford and Bournemouth. It was during this role that my passion for supporting vulnerable people first began. It was evident to me that the clients I was representing all had a traumatic history, with a lack of support, that had influenced their criminal activity.

Nottinghamshire Police, Child Abuse Investigation Unit

Upon moving to Nottingham, I decided to leave my criminal defence days behind and started work in the Child Abuse Investigation Unit for Nottinghamshire Police, where I worked until 2010. Here my passion for helping children, young people and their families recover from child sexual abuse was first developed.

Working with Children & Young People

I created an organisation, with a colleague, to provide therapeutic support to children, young people and adults.  After setting up and running the service for 6 ½ years, I decided to expand my career into other areas I feel passionate about, namely working with children in the care system and providing a private therapeutic practice.

Awarded OBE for Services to Child Protection

As a result of my work, I was nominated by Nottinghamshire Police to receive an OBE for Services to Child Protection and I was proud to be awarded this in the Queen’s New Year’s Honour List 2015.

Children’s Residential Care

My career has now moved into the role of part-time Responsible Individual for Watermead Care.  I head up a children’s home in Northamptonshire for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties between the ages of 7-14 years of age.  We are hoping to develop the organisation to provide more homes for children in the area.

Private Therapeutic Practice

I work therapeutically with Parks Inner Child Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  I support children, young people and adults who are struggling with a variety of issues, such as: depression; anxiety; stress; a history of abuse or trauma; experiences of poor parenting.  I also help people overcome other types of issues: phobias; grief; low self esteem; lack of confidence and also help people to gain in their sports ability.