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Tamsin White OBE


My Passion & Mission

  • Developing trusting relationships to help people achieve positive change in their lives

  • Helping people go from surviving to thriving

  • Supporting clients to achieve lasting, pain-free resolution

What is my approach?


I’m not your “stereo-typical therapist”. I don’t hug trees for a start (that really was a joke & not meant to cause offence)


Joking aside, I pride myself on providing straightforward yet empathic support for children, young people and adults who are struggling with certain issues in their lives.


I know that when people have experienced upsetting events or times in their live, it’s really important to have someone you can relate to – who GETS you & what you’re going through.


I have had counselling and the approach I received convinced me about the need for therapists to be someone you can trust, can believe in & above all who doesn’t leave you feeling worse after a session having unloaded all of your most traumatic information.


Seriously, I once walked into a session with my counsellor and asked them how they were…..their response….. “Is it important to you that I am ok?”.  


Well actually I was just trying to be polite


So….please feel free to pass normal everyday pleasantries with me – let’s just be human.  How does that sound?




I know you are having a difficult time and I believe I know how to help you feel better.


Perhaps you would love to have a nice peaceful mind? Perhaps you are sick of having rough days?  Perhaps you don’t want to cry every day and not know why? Perhaps you think you are going mad? Perhaps you just want to want to move on and start properly living your life? I GET that, I wanted that too and it is entirely achievable.


So that was about me on a personal note but if you are interested in my professional history,  head over to the CAREER BACKGROUND tab which explains a bit more about where my passion lies.


You can also flick across to the SERVICES tab for more details on the approaches I use.

I would love to hear from you so please contact me to arrange a free, confidential & no obligation 30 minute consultation