So hopefully by the time you have reached this part of my website, you realise that I am not the type of person who thinks you should be in therapy for months or even years on end.  You want to just crack on with you life, don’t you?

This is one of the main reasons why I trained in PICT.....that and a small matter of it changing my life personally 🙂

PICT changes your life hugely for the better…..quickly…..and most importantly in a lasting way.  Please make sure you have read the PICT section on the Services page.

It does this because it has a clear direction and path for getting there.

Together we create a clear “route map” for where you want to be at the end and we follow it.

PICT clears those big boulders from your path, those issues that you need some help to work through but afterwards there may be some small stones or pebbles that could do with a tidy up.

After our sessions have finished, you will be given a handbook (that we will talk through) so that you can continue to use PICT on your own – so you won’t need to keep forking out dosh when you need a little help!

Anyway onto PICT Quick Change….

You can of course have PICT sessions with me weekly or fortnightly but for those of you who just feel like you have had enough and want their problems sorted now…..the Quick Change format is for you!

So what is this Quick Change stuff?

You get 5 months of therapy work over 5 days – each day consists of 4 hour sessions

Now this doesn’t have to be back to back, a straight 5 days.

It can be done over 2 days, 2 days and 1 day


3 days, 1 day and 1 day


2 days, 1 day, 1 day and 1 day

……you get the idea!

Now Quick Change isn’t for everyone.  It is really important that we do an assessment together to check that this would be the best option for you.

Fees for Quick Change:

The costing for achieving resolution in just 5 days  (5 months worth of therapy work) is £1500.

Please note a £500 non-refundable deposit is required to book, with the remaining £1000.00 payable 14 days prior to the appointment.

For more info, of course give me a buzz or email me and we can talk it through further.