Tamsin White OBE

Qualified Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist in Sherwood, Nottingham

Problem areas I can help you with:

Do you struggle with phobias, weight gain, smoking, sleeplessness, depression, low confidence or self-esteem?

Do you want to up your game in sports?

Do you want to learn techniques for stress management?

Is anxiety getting in the way of living your life?

These are just a few of the many areas in which hypnotherapy can positively change your life.

Do you have a history of trauma or abuse that you would like to put behind you? Or maybe just experiences of poor parenting?

Would you like to achieve resolution of your upsetting experiences in a lasting and pain free way?

Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) is a flexible, straightforward therapeutic model that allows you to work “content free”.

So you don’t have to open up about all your painful memories in order to move forward.

Client wanting improvement in sport from Nottingham

I can’t believe my golf game has improved so much after one session of hypnotherapy with Tamsin. My handicap is on it’s way down!

Client suffering with chronic migraines from Nottingham

I suffer from chronic migraines which means I get headaches which last for days. Tamsin taught me how to stop the pain from affecting my concentration at work and stopped me being grumpy at home. I was very sceptical that hypnotherapy would do anything for me but it does really work.

Client with anxiety from Oxford

I have suffered with anxiety for about 20 years and have tried a number of treatments from traditional medication to herbal remedies, the last I tried was CBT but nothing has worked long-term until I tried hypnotherapy. Tamsin immediately made me feel at ease and since the treatment I haven't had any anxiety symptoms at all. I'm free for the first time in 20 years.

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